How to kick-start your day.

kick startThe best way to kick-start your day is to do a morning ritual.

A morning ritual is basically a series of routine actions you do from the moment you wake up that set you up for a great day!

The morning routine can almost be thought of as a shower for your mind.

A good routine to start your morning helps prepare your mind for the war that is your day. And,as the saying goes,”If you win the morning,you win the day”.

Without a routine,your brain doesn’t have a trigger in order to get to work.

Many people,unconsciously have made their own “morning ritual” that sets them up for disaster without really knowing it.

For example;

  • They might press the snooze button before they get out of bed.
  • They check their Facebook,Twitter or Email.
  • They spend an hour or more in bed doing absolutely nothing.
  • They drink six cups of coffee before starting their day.

The actions we take in the beginning of the day can define the attitude we have throughout the rest of the day.

Do something useful in this small window of time to kick-start your day.

Here are four things I do currently;


1. Hydrate (lemon juice + water)

When you get out of bed your body is simply dehydrated. You’ll need to re-fill your water reserves to come alive again.

Squeeze 1-2 lemons into a big glass of water and just chug it down.

Also great for your immune system.

2. Warm up

This really helps to get your heart-rate up significantly.

Getting your blood flowing is a great way to feel more awake.

My warm up usually consists of a full-body stretch,push ups,squats, or a 10-Minute jump rope workout.

3. Review my “code of conduct”

In the morning I also review my “code of conduct” which is basically an overview of the person I’d like to become. In it I’ll go over how I want to be that day by visualizing my ultimate self.

Without a vision of your life,you’ll fall into destructive short-term thinking by default.

4. Check goals

I also go over the goals I’ve set for the day. Without a clear focus for the day,it’s all too easy to get distracted in the minutia of daily life.

I mostly write down on a small piece of paper and carry them wherever I go. Everything else is a distraction.

It doesn’t matter what your routine is . What matters is that it works for you and fires you up to be better,stronger and successful each and every day.

Humans are inherently lazy. You need to actively keep the fire alive to stay on track. We become who we want to be by consistently being who we want to become each day. Push yourself through the resistance by being consistent with whatever routine that works best for you.

– George Wisdom

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