Explore the unknown and treasure the experience.


If you want to be successful in life,avoid comfort zones.

It’s only a poor man that eats and sleep in his comfort zone.

Comfort is the enemy.

Comfort equals stagnation and stagnation equals death.

I think people can either choose to be victim or not.

If one chooses to be a victim,they are choosing weakness.There is nothing noble about being a victim.

While others stay in their comfort zone,I explore the unknown.And I treasure the experience.

If you learn to become good at discomfort,your life will have almost no limits.

Here are four tips I’ve learned.

1.Seek discomfort.
When you challenge people,you will lose one day.When you challenge yourself,you will win everyday.

Challenge yourself everyday.

Go for a run,read books,introduce yourself to strangers,say NO to people,wake up early,try a new healthy dish,hit the gym.

Find uncomfortable things and do them everyday.

2.Discomfort is your friend.

Most people don’t like discomfort. It’s not fun so they run from it. But believe me,discomfort is not an enemy to fear.It’s actually a good thing-when you’re uncomfortable,you are learning,you are expanding,you’re becoming more than you were before.

3.You have to rough it and risk it sometimes.

Life is inherently risky. But there is only one risk you should avoid at all costs,and that’s the risk of doing nothing.

Get out there and make something happen and do whatever it takes to win.

4.Other people’s negativity isn’t worth worrying about.

Truth be told,what others say and do,and the opinions they have are based entirely on their own self reflection.

Don’t take things too personally.

Explore the unknown and treasure the experience.

George Wisdom




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