Words of Wisdom: 6 quotes that changed my life

Six years ago,I tried to quit smoking and what a hell of struggle it was.

I hated the feeling of having an urge to smoke and not smoking.

Sometimes the urge was so strong I would rationalize and give in.

After giving in to that urge,I would be filled with pains of regret.

Then I stumbled across this quote from Jordan Yeoah:

“Suffer the pain of discipline or suffer the pain of regret”

It hit me- I would rather suffer the pain of discipline than to suffer the pain of regret.

Can one simple sentence spark an epiphany?

I think so and in this post,I will share with you six quotes that transformed my life.

1. “Be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle” – Plato

It’s very easy to get frustrated with people at work or in in relationships.

After reading these words,I realized that everyone has weaknesses and everyone has a battle of their own.

It reminds me to be always kind,forgiving and patient.

Because of this quote,I find that I don’t have to react to what people do or say that hurts or bothers me. I just have to remember that they are fighting their own battles and really need the kindness of others.

2. “Take action every day you’re alive and you’ll get what you want”- Nick Kelly

This quote inspired me to quit talking and start walking.

The door is always open for action takers. All you have to do is quit talking and walk through it.

If you ask for permission to walk through the door,you are going to be denied.

If you don’t need permission,you cannot be denied.

Losers wait to be given,winners take.

3. “You will never be happy with what you want if you are not happy with what you have”- Unknown

This quote inspires gratefulness in my heart for all that I have and the people I love in my life.

When I focus on them,I realize how blessed I am.

When I focus only on the things I want,I just want more and more without ever being satisfied.

4. “Loose lips sinks ships”- Unknown

No matter how virtuous your life is,people will always try to bring you down.

Talking about your plans can be a huge mistake and it takes balls to trust yourself when everyone is telling you the know better than you.

5. “I am the greatest,I said that even before I knew I was”- Muhammad Ali

This quote taught me that self-confidence has power and is contagious.

If you believe in yourself,others will believe in you too.

Doubt yourself and others will doubt you .

6. “You were born an original,don’t die a copy”- John Mason

There is so much pressure in our society to fit in and blend with the crowd.

This quote tells me that the best part about me is being unique.

Its okay to speak my mind,to make an impact in the world,to be remembered as different.

To be original,I refuse to die a copy.

These are the six quotes that changed my life. Maybe the can change yours,too.

If you have any quote(s) that changed your life that is not part of my six,feel free to share in the comment below.

– George Wisdom


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