Believe More,Achieve more and Aspire for more.

joan-of-arc- AspireWe live in a world made small by the inventions of science and the exploration of space.

In these days,wonders are wrought and we shrug and dismiss them as commonplace. On a television screen that none could imagine not too many years ago,we have seen Man climb to the heights of the universe,step into space and walk on the thin floor of nothingness.

We have seen greater strides into the mysteries of science than others have known in all history.

This is not the age of minute goals,mediocre accomplishment or shallow thought. There is nothing on this planet you can’t do.

There is no limit to how far you can go in life.

It simply comes down to a matter of effort and determination.

The biggest obstacle in your life is your inability to believe in yourself.

Life is easier when everyone is expecting you to win. If you are working hard,your peers will be cheering for your success. They’ll be expecting it. More importantly,you’ll be expecting it too.

The reality of life is that no one is paying that much attention to you. But it is essential to earn the support of the most important audience member-yourself-in your own story.

You have to see yourself as larger.

The main difference between the successful and the losers is the successful realize it’s up to them to  do it.

Losers want someone else to help them out.

Successful people don’t wait for a miracle,they work harder and beat the odds.

If you are not who you want to be,the only person stopping you is YOU.

You must be more,believe more,achieve more and aspire for more.

You can’t just sit,cry and blame the world.

Pick your sorry ass up and do what needs to be done until you get whatever the hell you want.

You have to fight till you win.

-George Wisdom


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