Never Give Up

spot-862274_960_720At birth,Wilma Rudolph was tiny and sickly. She was four before she started to walk. Then she became seriously ill with scarlet fever and pneumonia.

Although she survived,her left leg suffered paralysis. Determined that Wilma would walk,her mother massaged her wasted leg and taught three of her older children to do the same. So there were four daily shifts of  “rubbing Wilma”.

When Wilma was eight,she was able to walk with a leg brace. Soon she was running and playing. Exercise helped her and so did her mothers advice : “Never give up”.

Wilma didn’t and in 1960 at the Olympics in Rome,Italy. She received three gold medals. She won the 100- and 200- meter foot races and came in first in the final leg of the 400- meter relay.

During the first world war,when he was a boy of seven,Glen Cunningham suffered life threatening burns to his legs. He spent months in bed and was told that he might never walk again.

His mother daily kneaded his damaged muscles and urged him to walk and then run. Glenn did not give up.

In fact,he eventually won 21 of 31 mile race on the indoor track at Madison Square Garden and in 1934,he set a world record for the mile run.

Sometimes in life,all of us face set backs of one kind or another.

Often it is some health problem or financial difficulties. Instead of being resigned to defeat,how fine to be determined not to give up!

You too can change your failure to success and become a hero of your time.

And always remember:

No one is destined to fail in life and there is no such thing as failure unless you quit. The only way to fail is to permanently quit.

If you fail today,it is because you unwisely refused to be passionate and determined to succeed in life.

If you do not succeed,it is because you did not try and if you tried,you gave up too soon. As long as you don’t give up and quit,there is no other option but success.

    ”You may encounter many defeats but you must not be defeated. Because it may be necessary to encounter the defeats so you can know who you are,what you can rise from and how you can still come out of it” – Maya Angelou

Never give up.

– George Wisdom























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